Many people all over the world are using Orkut for many years & today is special day its Orkut’s 6th birthday. .Though Orkut is used all over the world, It is one of the most popular Social Networking Sites in India and Brazil.

Social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace & Twitter are giving a strong competition to Orkut in India, however it will be very difficult for these Social networking sites to take over Orkut in long run. Personally I admire Orkut and am a biggest fan of it. Given a choice to vote my vote shall definitely go for Orkut, because we the people in India have developed a special kind of affection with Orkut. Since the day one I started using Orkut There has been hardly a day in my life I have not used it.
Some of the interesting facts about Orkut:
1) As of January 1st 2010, 47.6%  of Orkut's users are from Brazil, followed by India with 38.5% and United States with 2.6%. While till March 31, 2004 Orkut use to gain 51.36% of traffic from United States.
2) Orkut was created by a Google Employee called Orkut, & the site is named after him.
3) Orkut currently has more than 100 million active users worldwide.
4) Current Alexa Traffic rank of Orkut is 71st in the world while in India it is 10th & in Brazil it is 8th.

The Orkut team is very focused on its users and has been continuosly trying to improve 
Orkut with New themes, applications and other features like “Orkut Promote”.  Lets wish Orkut and its team a continuos success and a Very Happy Birthday. 

This part is specially for you :
  • What new feature would you love to see in Orkut?
                                ( or )
  • What is the feature that you most liked in sites like facebook or myspace and would also love to see in Orkut?
Please post your comments…Your comment is highly appreciated.

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Yahoo’s Top 10 Most Searched key terms of the year 2009

Yahoo has just announced its list of the most popular search terms for the year 2009.

Top 10 Overall Searches for year 2009 on Yahoo :

1. Michael Jackson
2. Twilight
3. WWE
4. Megan Fox
5. Britney Spears
6. Naruto
7. American Idol
8. Kim Kardashian
10. Runescape

Michael Jackson’s ( The King Of Pop) death was a great sad news for people all over the world. “Michael Jackson” was the most searched terms on Yahoo searches in 2009, Its already a known fact that “Michael Jackson” was the most searched term on Google Searches too in 2009. Michael Jackson puts an end to Britney Spears’ 4-years reign & helping bump the President Barack Obama from the top 10 list of searches on Yahoo.

Nascar, actress Megan fox Reality star Kim, Kardashian, and the film “Twilight” replaced four actress on last year top list.

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The Internet or World Wide Web today is no more just a tool to search for information. The web has emerged as one of the best ways to make money online. The web is no longer considered as an extension of a business for companies but has become a business in itself. In this regard the web has given a fare chance for every individual to make money online irrespective of his nationality, creed or gender.

In this post i would like to present before you the Top Ten Great Web Companies from India or you can also say them as Top Ten Websites in India. These Indian Companies are making a huge money by providing specific online service to the web users.

The Indian Software Companies like TCS, Infosys and Wipro have made a strong impression among the "Top 100 I.T companies around the World", but the Web Companies from India are yet to prove their potential, because the Web usage in India is still at its initial stages. However their has been an appreciable increase in the web usage over a past couple of years giving a chance for many Web Companies from India to evolve and prove their caliber.

Though the Top Web Companies like Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Orkut have made a much deeper impact in India, I would like to share share with you the Top Ten Great Web Companies from India or the Top ten best websites from India which are built, maintained and run by Indians.

The parameter mainly considered while ranking the Top Ten Great Web Companies from India in this post is the Alexa ranking. The name of Company, Its Alexa Rank and Service provided by them are given below

No. 1 Web Company from India : Rediff.com

Alexa Rank : 99, India Rank : 8, Since : 1997

Rediff on the NeT (www.rediff.com) is the most visited India-oriented online service worldwide. From our inception in 1996, Rediff.com has evolved, adding numerous features and services along the way to become a complete online service. Today, in addition to news and information, we offer community features like chat, homepages, and email. The Rediff Shop offers you a wide choice in books, music, gifts and hotel reservations. Our channels like Education, Singles, Movies, and Cricket cater to different audiences. Ranks 1 in Indian Web Companies.

No. 2 Web Company from India : Naukri.com

Alexa Rank : 423, India Rank : 24, Since : 1997

Naukri is part of Info Edge. Info Edge is a leading provider of online recruitment, matrimonial, real estate and educational classifieds and related services in India. The company also launched a career counseling and guidance site, a professional networking site and an education classified site. Ranks 2 in Indian Web Companies.

No. 3 Web Company from India : Admagnet.net

Alexa Rank : 462, India Rank : 21, Since : No data

Ad Magnet, the ad network launched by DGTL Media uses proprietary 4th generation ad serving technology to aggregate billions of ad impressions across categories, create audience segments and help advertisers reach highly fragmented Internet users. Ad Magnet’s state of the art inventory monetization platform uses proprietary longitudinal research algorithms to enhance advertiser performance and maximize publisher revenue. Hosted on Rack Space and a number of CDNs, Ad Magnet delivers an uninterrupted, robust and state of the art feature laden platform. Ad Magnet has the expertise of working with a large client base across categories like Finance, E-Commerce, Automobile, Travel, FMCG and Education. Ranks 3 in Indian Web Companies.

No. 4 Web Company from India : Way2sms.com

Alexa Rank : 542, India Rank : 26, Since :2006

Way2SMS.com offers SMS communication totally cost free to mobile users, at the same time, enables advertisers to reach out to millions of mobile users through the revolutionary concept of 'Mobitisement' (advertisement on mobile phone). This pioneering effort has already captured the imagination of millions of mobile users across the globe. More than one lakh users visit Way2SMS every day, and they are just not from India alone, but come from as many as 126 countries globally!  Ranks 4 in Indian Web Companies.

No. 5 Web Company from India : Oneindia.in

Alexa Rank : 563, India Rank : 33, Since :No data

Oneindia.in is a complete Indian online portal owned by Greynium Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd., which provides news updates, sports news, travel, entertainment, videos, jobs in India and classifieds. The Oneindia umbrella of portals is claimed to be the leading portal network in the Indian Internet  space. Ranks 5 in Indian Web Companies.

No. 6 Web Company from India : MoneyControl.com

Alexa Rank : 612, India Rank : 38, Since : 1999

MoneyControl.com is India’s number 1 source for financial information, stock news, finance etc. It s the official website of CNBC TV18. Here you can get quality news, views, and analysis on equity, stock markets, commodities, personal finance, mutual funds, insurance and loans. Ranks  6 in Indian Web Companies.

No. 7 Web Company from India : Sulekha.com

Alexa Rank : 604, India Rank : 40, Since : 1998

Sulekha.com New Media Pvt Ltd. was founded[2]  in 1998 by Satya Prabhakar and serves as a global, interactive, mobile and internet platform for connecting Indians worldwide through a portfolio of services such as Classifieds, Yellow Pages Business Search, Events and Social Media reviews and participation. It is headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu with offices in Bangalore, New Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Ranks 7 in Indian Web Companies.

No. 8 Web Company from India : Komli.com

Alexa Rank : 827, India Rank : 45, Since : No data

Komli is about innovation and client service in the online advertising space. It is a digital advertising and technology company enabling marketers to reach and acquire their audiences and publishers to maximize their revenues. Komli Media powers India’s only ad network platform with solutions across lead acquisition, audience targeting, rich media, online audience measurement and brand impact measurement. Ranks 8 in Indian Web Companies.

No. 9 Web Company from India : Sify.com

Alexa Rank : 680, India Rank : 47, Since : 1999

Sify is one of the oldest Internet service providers in India. It has got 1.6 million visitors every month. Sify was the fist company in India who started internet portals and provided Internet Service. Sify also started providing internet network connectivity for business enterprises in India. It has also started a chain of franchised internet cafes (more than 3,500 cybercafes). Sify holds the largest chain of cybercafes in India. On Sify’s portal you can find news, business, shopping, sports, movies, vedic astrology, food, and bollywood videos for Indians and NRIs. Ranks 9 in Indian Web Companies.

No. 10 Web Company from India : Bharatstudent.com

Alexa Rank : 641, India Rank : 49, Since : 2007

Bharatstudent.com is a social utility that brings together all the young Indians living across the globe. It is for every Young Indian who is a student or a non-student, fresh graduate, a working professional or an Entrepreneur, and is focused on providing comprehensive solutions for any personal and professional issues.

Social Networking India is the country with the highest number of young people in the world. Bharatstudent.com targets this demographic segment with many networks – Students in schools / colleges, Fresh graduates, Employees in corporates, Young Entrepreneurs, Groups of Artist / talented youngsters in different regions. Ranks 10 in Indian Web Companies.

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